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Futsal Recommendations (WYSA Board Approved 6/12/10)
In an effort to encourage the ongoing development of youth soccer players and foster an ongoing enjoyment of the sport, the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association is strongly recommending Futsal, especially for indoor play. Futsal, though often played indoors, is not to be confused with “Indoor Soccer” though there are similarities. The smaller, low - bounce ball is the most crucial element. In addition, field dimensions, lower number of players on the field, hard surface and absence of walls
emphasize improvisation, creativity, ball control and technique.

Basic Futsal Rules (for all rules, and field markings go to
          Number of Players: Five, including a GK
          Field/pitch: 42 - 46 yard long and 16 - 27 yards wide
          Goal size: 6’7”H & 9’10”W
          Duration of match: Two, 20 minute halves
          Restarts: Out-of -bounds results in a kick-in (indirect); other infractions result in a direct or indirect restart
          Substitutions: “On the fly”
          No offsides
          Two referees
          No slide tackling

Possible/Suggested Futsal Rules Adaptations
          Number of Players: Three or four
          Duration of match: Two 12 or 15 minute halves
          Goal size: Smaller but not larger than official size. If using a goal size smaller than 5’Hx8W’, no GKs
          Field/pitch: Basketball court or half of a basketball court if playing 3v3 format
          Restarts: all restarts as a direct kick
          Coach-supervised and/or player-refereed

Suggested Competition Format
          Coach/Adult - Supervised “Open Play” is highly encouraged
          In-house/club league
          Inter club “Futsal Festival”; 3 - 6 matches per team
          “Scramble” format whereby teams change from game to game
          The Festival format, with 3 - 6 matches, is encouraged over the Tournament format, with semifinals,
          finals and champions

Other notes
Futsal is highly encouraged for age groups 8 - 12 years old – the “Golden Age of Learning”
WYSA will sanction Futsal Festivals/Tournaments provided licensed USSF officials are used (one-man system) and assigned by a licensed Referee Assignor, per usual Tournament Sanctioning. WYSA will not oversee or govern league play. Districts may choose to do so, on their own authority. Team formation for WYSA sanctioned Festivals/Tournaments will be subject to Guest Player & Club Pass rules at the competition authority’s discretion.

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