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WYSA Awards

Each year WYSA honors outstanding contributors to youth soccer in our state based on recommendations from our members. The entire membership is encouraged to submit nominations of those deserving of recognition for their efforts in coaching, volunteering or administration. Awards will be presented at the WYSA AGM in Oshkosh on March 11, 2017. State recipients are eligible to be named Region II winners. Region II winners are honored at the US Youth Soccer Workshop in Los Angeles in January 2017 where a National winner is announced.

2016 Award Winners

Administrator of the Year – Carlton Sealock (Neenah Soccer Club)
Over the past 13 years, Carlton Sealock has been a core member of Neenah Soccer Club (NSC); in the past year, he has become the epicenter. Previously, Carlton has been a coach, manager, and club helper; now, he is the NSC Vice President, Registrar, Rec Director, and Tournament Director. Carlton has also established a strong relationship with the local Parks Department so NSC has more green space for their growing club to practice.

Volunteer of the Year – Pehr Peterson (Strike FC Wisconsin)
It’s an all too common occurrence, “I got involved because of my kids”; Pehr Peterson is the exception to this occurrence. Having grown up playing in the Oconomowoc area, Pehr played his entire soccer career for the club and returned to the area with his family and gave back to Strike FC Wisconsin (SFCW) tenfold. In a strictly volunteer role, Pehr is a SFCW Board Member, Director of Recreational Soccer, and Tournament Director of three tournaments. In addition to volunteering within SFCW, Pehr is heavily involved within the Lake Country area from constructing parade floats to organizing costume swaps.

Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Brian Darling (Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club)
Some youths participate in soccer to be competitive, some participate for the social aspect, or to remain active, or for the fun of the sport. As recreational players get older, it becomes more difficult to find a coach who will do just that, coach. The Nicolet Region of Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club has been gifted with Brian Darling, a coach who embraces the desires of his players. Brian’s Avalanche players want to have fun and enjoy their soccer careers, but they also want to compete. Brian seeks out coaching education through USSF and NSCAA to assist him in coaching his team to be league winners and tournament champions.

Coach of the Year – Girls Recreation – Patrick Dlugosch (Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club)
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” Lao Tzu. Patrick Dlugosch’s first step was a U5 girls recreational team and though he is 3 years into his journey, it is far from over. Patrick has been coaching in the Nicolet Region of Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club, and while there he has made incredible gains with players and parents. His enthusiasm to teach his players and his willingness to help parents understand the game has not gone unnoticed. Currently, there is a wait list for girls to join both his U8 and U10 teams. 

Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive – Richard “Toby” Bares (Oshkosh United)
Is there a greater success than coaching a “moderately successful” team to a superior team? Richard “Toby” Bares did just that with his Oshkosh United 2000 Boys team. Though he had incredible success as the Head Coach for the UW Oshkosh Men’s program, Toby could never have foreseen the success he would have with his 2000 boys team. Over the course of several years, Toby was able to advance the team out of the State League First Division and into the Midwest Regional League Premier II Division.

Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Collin Monahan (SC43 East Troy)
The true measure of success for a coach isn’t to see how many games can be won, but how well you can develop players in the limited amount of time you have with them. For Collin Monahan of SC 43 East Troy, his success cannot be matched. Over the course of just one year, Collin was able to learn enough unto his players that several were able to advance to a higher level team the following year, some players even moving up two levels. In addition to turning athletes into soccer players, Collin has also taught his players the value of teamwork and importance of sportsmanship.

Young Referee of the Year – Female – Hannah McTrusty (Brookfield Area)
Showing an overwhelming passion for soccer, Hannah McTrusty is an exemplary young referee from the Brookfield area. Hannah encourages putting herself in challenging situations so she can continue to grow and accepts her failures so she can learn. As she gains more experience, Hannah aspires to referee colligate games with the ultimate goal of becoming a FIFA referee. In addition to being a referee, Hannah also plays soccer, is a member of her schools Key Club, volunteers for TOPSoccer, and volunteers at a local nursing home.

Young Referee of the Year – Male – Philip Meersman (Delavan Area)
It isn’t often that a 16-year-old referee gets noticed at the state level, let alone a regional level. Conducting himself with the utmost professionalism, Philip Meersman of the Delavan area has the ability to manage players, coaches, and parents, has advanced foul selection, and incredible knowledge of the game, these qualities have gotten him noticed. Philip has refereed games at the Wisconsin State Championships, Region II ODP Camp, Midwest Regional League, and was invited to the Midwest Regional Championships but was unable to attend due to a prior commitment of participating in a summer program at Stanford University.

TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Tessa Lux (Strike FC TOPSoccer)
As a high school junior, Tessa Lux took the initiative to start a TOPSoccer Program in her community with the help of her club. Promoting the program through word of mouth, putting fliers on cars, and posting fliers in local establishments, the new program now has a consistent group of both TOPSoccer Athletes and Buddies. Even though she will be graduating in 2018, Tessa has already taken steps towards ensuring the program will be successful after she graduates.

TOPSoccer Coach of the Year – John Burke (Waukesha TOPSoccer)
Over the past 12 years, John Burke not only built and sustained a thriving TOPSoccer Program in Waukesha, but he has been the lead coach since the program’s inception. John not only gets 30 TOPSoccer Players on average, but up to 75 TOPSoccer Buddies per session. Each of his sessions are carefully planned out so that each TOPS Player can have fun and be successful. Additionally, John has helped to raise awareness of Kabuki Syndrome and has run a TOPSoccer event at their annual conference.

WYSA would like to congratulate Xavier Rico for being selected as the 2015 Boys Competitive Coach of the Year at both the Regional and National levels.

2015 Award Winners

Administrator of the Year – Mike Chandler (McFarland Soccer Club)
Mike has played a crucial role in the development and expansion of the club. Mike was elected to the Board in 2008, was selected as interim president in 2011, has kept the club president role, and has led McFarland SC to much success.

Volunteer of the Year – Mark Fecht (Portage County Youth Soccer)
Mark “Buzz” Fecht can best be described as the force behind PCYS. Buzz was a great mentor and even greater friend. His dedication to the club and to the players is evident through the PCYS Soccer Park and the masterpiece it has become. Buzz will be missed, but never forgotten.

TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Ronn Blaha (Brookfield)
Ronn has been a longtime supporter of the Brookfield region TOPSoccer Program. Much of Ronn’s efforts are directed toward finding volunteers to ensure that every event has a great player to volunteer ratio, maximizing the experience for TOPSoccer participants.

Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Jeremy Morris (Regent Soccer Club)
Leading by example, Jeremy has created an environment that keeps his Sea Lions coming back! Having coached the team for the last 3 years, his engaging attitude and ability to adapt to different players keeps the kids and parents wanting more.

Coach of the Year – Girls Recreation – Mark Doles (Kenosha Area Soccer League)
Passion. Enthusiasm. Knowledge. Three great attributes to describe Mark and his approach to coaching. He makes soccer fun through engaging practice sessions to build individual skill. His love of the game is infectious and makes kids want to play on his team.

Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive – Xavier Rico (Strike FC Wisconsin)
With an immense focus on player development, Xavier and his players are confident every time they enter the pitch, even when his u14 SC Waukesha Boys stepped on the field for their Region II Championship match. Win, lose, or draw, Xavier is always proud of his boys.
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – David Zindler (SC Waukesha)
David can best be recognized by what he does for the good of the game. He coaches his players to be their best; the best technical player, the best team player, the most respectful player, the most purposeful player. Be the best you can, put in the hard work, be proud of your accomplishments.

Young Referee of the Year – Female – Ciara Frame (Madison Area)
Not only is Ciara an impeccable referee, she is a premier young woman. Commanding and assertive on and off the field, Ciara is a member of the National Honor Society, DECA, team captain of her high school soccer team, rank leader in her high school marching band, and an ambassador to Charity Ball.

Young Referee of the Year – Male – Evan Oppermann (Waukesha Area)
Learning from his older sister, Emma (2013 Young Referee of the Year), Evan has become quite the referee. He is constantly learning the game though playing, getting futsal licensing, and mentoring his younger brother and father (new referees). In addition to playing and refereeing, Evan has been involved with his local TOPSoccer group.


2014 Award Winners

Administrator of the Year – Kate Carpenter - Milwaukee Kickers
Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive – Matt Callahan - Oshkosh United Soccer Club
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Angie Moulton - Brookfield Soccer Association
Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Laila Drescher - Sauk Prairie Strikers
Coach of the Year – Girls Recreation – Tom Jakubczak - Brookfield Soccer Association
TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Robert Ziegler - Brookfield TOPSoccer
Volunteer of the Year - Kari Jansen - Beaver Dam Soccer Soccer Club

2013 Award Winners

Administrator of the Year – Dianne Bellisle- United Hurricanes
TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Roni Andrew- Brookfield TOPSoccer
Young Referee of the Year – Female - Emma Opperman
Young Referee of the Year – Male - Erik Orlowski

2012 Award Winners
Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive –Tyler Thomas
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Patrick Buckley
Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Gary Rebholz
Coach of the Year – Girls Recreation – Don Blunck
TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Markus Roeders
Volunteer of the Year – Rick Theilig
Young Referee of the Year – Male – Killian Mielotz
Young Referee of the Year – Female – Paige Schommer

2011 Award Winners
Administrator of the Year – Vicki Abshere
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Xavier Rico
Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Clay Nelson
Volunteer of the Year – Carl Micke
Young Referee of the Year – Male – Dylan Seitz

2010 Award Winners
Administrator of the Year – Todd Felhofer
Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive – Predrag “Pep” Stojanovic
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Derek Crowley
Coach of the Year – Boys Recreation – Dorothy Vander
Volunteer of the Year – Karen Stashek
Young Referee of the Year – Male – Nicholas Finch

2009 Award Winners
Coach of the Year – Boys Competitive – John Kaiser
Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive – Derek Bell
TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year – Jane McCormick

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