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WI State Championships

Tournament Administrator
Patrick Hodgins
414.328.9972, ext 106

Congratulations to the 2017 Wisconsin State Champions and Finalists!

U13 Girls | SC Waukesha (4) | Brookfield SA (2)
U14 Girls | SC Waukesha (2) | Madison 56ers SC (0)
U15 Girls | Elm Grove SC (1) | SC Waukesha (0)
U16 Girls | North Shore United (2) | Strike FC Wisconsin (1)
U17 Girls | SC Waukesha (3) | PCYS Central FC (0)
U18 Girls | Madison 56ers SC (1) | Elm Grove SC (0)
U19 Girls | North Shore United (1) | SC Waukesha (0)

U13 Boys | FC Wisconsin Nationals (2) | RUSH Wisconsin* (1)
U14 Boys | FC Wisconsin Nationals (4) | Milwaukee Bavarians (3)
U15 Boys | SC Waukesha (2) | Madison 56ers SC (0)
U16 Boys | Red Star SC (3) | North Shore United (0)
U17 Boys | SC Waukesha (1) | Milwaukee Bavarians (0)
U18 Boys | Elm Grove SC (2) | Madison 56ers SC (1)
U19/20 Boys | Milwaukee Bavarians (4) | Croatian Eagles SC (0)

*Wisconsin drew the Wildcard for Region II Championships and therefore will be advancing the Finalist

2017 Spring State Championship Scores/Standings/Schedules
2017 Fall State Championship Scores/Standings/Schedules




2017 Spring State Championships

The State Championship event will take place at the Scheel’s USA Youth Complex in Appleton, Wisconsin. The event is open to WYSA teams at Boys U13-U19 and Girls U13. Teams will play one match per day on May 27, May 28 and May 29 with Semi-finals scheduled for June 3 and Finals June 4 at Woodside Sports Complex in Wisconsin Dells. Some U19 games will be scheduled for Friday, May 26 to avoid conflicts with high school graduations.

The application closed on February 6, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Teams are responsible for paying referee game fees.

2017 Spring State Championship Group Play Hotel Information

Group Play: May 27-29 at USA Youth (Appleton)
Semi-Finals: June 3 at Woodside Sports Complex (Wisconsin Dells)
Finals: June 4 at Woodside Sports Complex (Wisconsin Dells)

Fall 2017 State Championship Schedules and Standings
Fall 2017 State Championship Field Map

Wisconsin State Championship Rules (2016/2017)
Midwest Regional Championship Rules
National Championship Policy

2016 State Championship Schedules, Scores, & Standings

2016 Fall State Championship Results
u15 Girls North Shore United
u16 Girls SC Waukesha
u17 Girls SC Waukesha
u18 Girls North Shore United
Fall State Championship: Schedule, Scores, and Standings

2015 State Championship Results
U13B SC Waukesha (5), Bavarian Jr Blue (1)
U13G SC Waukesha (4), Waunakee (0)
U14B Ace North (3), Appleton (2)
U14G North Shore (2), SC Waukesha (1)
U15B Madison FC (2), Bavarian (1)
U16B FC Wisconsin (2), North Shore (1)
U17B SC Waukesha (2), North Shore (1)
U18B Bavarian (1), Elm Grove (0)
U19B SC Waukesha (4), Bavarian (3)
U19G SC Waukesha/Strike FC (3), Rush WI (1)

2015 Fall State Championships
U15G SC Waukesha
U16G SC Waukesha
U17G North Shore United
U18G Strike FC Wisconsin

2014 State Championship Results
U19B SC Waukesha 3; Appleton 94/95 1
U18B Bavarian Blue 2; FC Wisconsin 1
U17B Elm Grove Blue 3; Bavarian Blue 1
U16B SC Waukesha 2; Croatian Eagles 1
U15B Rush Wisconsin 1; Bavarian Blue 0
U14B Bavarian Blue 1; Madison FC 0
U14G SC Waukesha Blue 6; Brookfield Red 0
U13B Sc Waukesha Blue 3; Bavarian Blue 0
U13G North Shore United 1; SC Waukesha Blue 0

2013 Fall Wisconsin State Championship Results
Girls U15: SC Waukesha 1, SFC Wisconsin 0
Girls U16: Fusion 2, MYSC 1 in OT
Girls U17: SFC Wisconsin 1, DePere Select 0
Girls U18: North Shore United 3, SFC Wisconsin 0

2012/2013 State Championships Age Group Winners!
U19 boys Milwaukee Bavarians
U18 Boys Madison 56ers
U17 Boys SC Waukesha Blue
U16 Boys United FC
U15 Boys North Shore Blue
U14 Boys United FC
U14 Boys WC Milwaukee Bavarians
U13 Boys ACE

U18 Girls Appleton Goal Getters
U17 Girls Rush Wisconsin
U16 Girls United FC
U15 Girls Rush Wisconsin
U14 Girls SC Waukesha
U13 Girls SC Waukesha

2012 Fall Wisconsin State Championship Results
Girls U15: Lake Country United Red 4, Madison 56ers Red 0
Girls U16: Lake Country United Red 5, Croatian Eagles Blue 1
Girls U17: North Shore United Blue 4, Appleton Goal Getters 1
Girls U18: ASC-FC Green Bay 5, United FC Red 2

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