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Licensing Requrements

Coaching Education Administrator
Julie Schmitt
414.328.9972, ext 100

Coach Compliance Policy
A team must be coached by an individual who is appropriately licensed for the age group being coached. This requirement is
for all coaches, head and assistant. New coaches will be expected to make reasonable efforts to obtain the proper
certification/license level in a reasonable time frame. League administrators will check applications for league play against the coaching license database prior to the start of each playing season.
Referees will verify that a coach holds a state issued pass card and that the license level is appropriate for the age group. The referee will note on the game report what license level is indicated on the coach’s pass card. (Referees must allow the game to proceed if the coach has a coach pass card, even if the license level does not meet the minimum standards established by WYSA.)


All coaches are required to have, at minimum, an Y1 level coaching certificate. Coaches working with Youth Academy teams and U11 through U14 Competitive and State League teams are required to have, at minimum, an ‘E’ License. Additionally, all U15 and older classic level teams playing in a competitive level league must maintain a minimum of an ‘E’ License. All coaches working with WDA teams or U15 and above State League teams are required to have, at minimum, a ‘D’ License.

Coaches working with MRL teams are subject to the license requirements established by the MRL Commission. WYSA will verify
team and coach eligibility based on the Regional requirement. For consideration, coaches must submit for approval a Coaching Credential Form accompanied by appropriate documentation.

A coach possessing an International License and/or NSCAA diploma does not receive a USSF License or equivalency from WYSA. WYSA will consider, but not guarantee, acceptance of an International License or NSCAA Diploma to meet WYSA’s coaching credential requirements. For consideration, coaches must submit to the State Office for approval a Coaching Credential Form accompanied by appropriate documentation.

‘E’ Certificate Release
Per US Soccer, 'E' Certificate Release Waivers will no longer be granted. As of  December 31, 2012 all coaches will be required to hold an 'E' Certificate in order to be accepted into a 'D' License course.

Policy Enforcement
Leagues are asked to track game reports on a weekly basis. If it is determined that a coach is not properly licensed, the league is asked to notify the state office. The state office will track all notices.

If a pattern of non-compliance is verified, the state office will coordinate with the respective club president and the coach concerned to ascertain the reason for non-compliance. The Secretary of the State Association will direct the club and the coach concerned to gain the necessary license or certification level within a reasonable time frame.

In addition, the Director of Leagues or designee will conduct random reviews of game day reports and cross check them with the database of currently registered coaches and their license status.

Should a coach continue to be non compliant and show little effort at corrective action that coach may receive a letter of reprimand, be placed on probation or suspended.

A club may be sanctioned in some form ranging from a letter of reprimand to more serious sanctions, subject to the number of coaches not in compliance. If the coach has enrolled in a coaching course that is taking place during or at the end of the season, that individual will be allowed to coach. Should the coach not complete course work the coach will be subject to disciplinary action that could include probation or suspension. Assistant coaches are required to be appropriately licensed for the age group being coached.

WYSA has made every effort to centrally locate coaching courses in many regions and soccer districts throughout the state. There is very little leeway for a competitive level coach in either licensing age group or category to not be appropriately licensed. If a coaching course is held within 2 hours or 100 miles of an applicant, those standards will be deemed an appropriate amount of time or distance to travel.

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