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'F' License

Prerequisites: None
Course Length: Approximately 2 hours.
Minimum Age: 16

Cost: $25 Includes access to the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) for one year. The DCC is full of valuable coaching resources and tools. To register for the 'F' License course, click here to access the DCC.

Pre Course Materials: None
Pre Course Assignments: None

US Soccer recently introduced the National 'F' License. The 'F' License is a new course for all volunteer coaches especially those working with the U6 - U8 player. It is an online course accessed through US Soccer's new Digital Coaching Center. It takes 2 - 3 hours and can be started and stopped at any point. You will print a copy of your license after successfully completing all modules.

WYSA continues to require that all coaches have, at minimum, a Y1 Certificate. All coaches are encouraged to complete the 'F' License online course. As an adjunct to the 'F' License, coaches should attend the field portion of any Y1 to earn this certificate. The field component covers the last 2 hours of all Y1 courses and is a very important part of the coaching experience.

The USSF 'F' License is a prerequisite for attending an 'E' License course. A copy of your 'F' License must be submitted to the State Office no later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled 'E' License course.

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