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'E' License Course

Prerequisites: USSF 'F' License. A copy must be provided to the State Office no later than two weeks before the scheduled
                      Pre-Course Assignments
Course Length 18 hours classroom and field plus pre course work
Minimum Age 16

Cost: $150 (WYSA Members); $250 (Non-Members). Your WYSA issued pass card designates membership. If you don't have a current pass card, register here. A temporary number will be printed on the receipt to be used when registering for the course.

Pre Course Materials
'E' License Candidate Guidebook
'E' License GK Guidebook
'E' Fillable Session Planner
Session Planner Instructions
For additional information: US Soccer Coaching Curriculum

Pre Course Assignments

1. Laws of the Game
Part 1.  View and complete the U.S. Soccer Referee Exam. 'E' License candidates are required to complete modules 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,  14, 15, 16 and 17. DO NOT view and complete 'E' License Referee Assignment Part B. Please print your certificate.
    Part 2.  Research and write a brief report on the rationale of modified small-sided games rules. Contact your local League or  club  to find the modified rules of play for the team that you coach. Read and review the modifications for the following FIFA Rules: 1 Field, 2 Ball, 3 Players, 5 Referee, 6 Assistant Referee and 7 Duration of Game
2. Team Management Assignment
    A.  Complete Assignment 1 - write a personal coaching philosophy.
    B.  Complete Assignment 2 - choose one of the three provided questions to answer.
3. Concussions in Youth Sports  Print copy of certificate of completion.

4. Prevention and Care Webinar Login to watch a webinar. Your certificate will be emailed to you. Print a copy.
5. Lesson Plans Candidates will also need to complete one lesson plan for a preassigned topic. Topics will be emailed about 10 days before the course.

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