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Pass Card/Risk Management

Pass Card Administrator
Danny Sweeney
414.328.9972, ext 104

Risk Management is now available!

The process for Risk Management has changed! Please review this document in its entirety prior to applying through the link below.

Click here to apply for a pass card

WYSA has a mandatory pass card policy. All Head and Assistant Coaches must hold a state issued coach pass card to be present on the sidelines during any competition. It is strongly recommended that all Managers and club personnel (volunteers/administrators) also complete the Risk Management process. A pass card provides individual membership to WYSA and serves as the Association's Risk Management process. Approved pass cards are valid for approximately 2 years.

By applying for a pass card, you are completing Risk Management.

First Time Applicants
A picture is required for all new pass card applicants; a new pass card will not be issued without a photo. All applicants should upload a digital photo at the time of registration. If you are unable to upload a photo, contact the Risk Manager for alternative options.

Pass cards for new coaches (first time applicants) are send to the affiliated club president or designated contact for distribution to their members. New pass processing will take two weeks minimum.

Renewal Applicants
Pass cards may be renewed up to 90 days before the expiration date. There are two steps to renewing a pass card, the online portion and mailing your pass card to WYSA. 

Upon completion of the online portion, a receipt page will be displayed. Print your receipt and mail it to WYSA along with your pass card. Your new pass card will be printed and mailed directly to your home address. Processing will take ten days minimum. To reduce processing time, it is strongly recommended that you upload a new photo when you complete your Risk Management and mail your expired/expiring pass card back when you complete the online portion of your renewal.

Please note: NO pass card renewals will be processed without the submission of an expired card.

Coach Pass Upgrades ($2)
New coach passes are not issued automatically upon completion of a WYSA Coaching Education course. You must request an upgrade to your pass card by returning your current pass card to the State Office along with a copy of your Certificate and a $2 payment to WYSA. A new pass card reflecting the license upgrade and same expiration date will be printed and mailed to your home address. Pass card upgrades will take one week minimum.

Lost Pass Cards ($25)
A replacement pass card is necessary if your pass card is lost prior to its expiration date. Replacement pass cards will not be issued beyond its expiration date; rather, a member in this situation should complete a Pass Card Renewal. Replacement pass cards will be issued at a cost of $25. To request a pass card replacement, mail a check payable to WYSA and include "Replacement Pass Card” as your check memo. A replacement pass card with the same expiration date will be processed and mailed to your home address. Replacement pass card processing will take one week minimum.

Minor Coaches
Contact Risk Manager to obtain process for a coach who is younger than 18 years of age.

Mailing Address
10427 W Lincoln Avenue Suite 1100
West Allis, WI 53227

If renewing your pass card: attn. Risk Management
If upgrading your pass card: attn. Upgrade
If replacing your pass card: attn. Replacement Pass Card

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