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Pass Card/Risk Management

Pass Card Administrator
Danny Sweeney
414.328.9972, ext 104

WYSA Risk Management Policy
Under this policy, any coach, assistant coach, team trainer, team manager, referee, club or district board member, WYSA administrator, WYSA Board of Directors member, independent contractor, or any other individual seeking affiliation with WYSA or WYSA Affiliated Clubs who has direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player is required by WYSA to complete a Risk Management Disclosure, every two years through WYSA’s online risk management system. Each Club has a responsibility to ensure compliance across their organization. 

The cost of the background check is $15, and each check is valid for 2 years. Candidates must pay at the time of application. A “bill to club” option does not exist at this time. Reimbursement of Risk Management registration is the discretion of each club and will be managed at the club level. 

Effective 9/24/2018 

  • Moving forward ALL passes will be mailed directly to the Club address on file. 
  • We will no longer require the return of expired passes for renewal applications. 
  • WisRef has been advised, documentation published on Game Officials, and communicated to referees indicating that all games should be played, with or without the presence of a State Issued Pass Card.

Applicants need to submit a photo at the time of registration or a pass is not issued. An email was sent to all applicants who did not submit a photo requesting that their profile be updated with a photo by 9:00am on September 18. Profiles that were not updated by the deadline won’t receive a pass in the first batch. Going forward those applicants who are adding a photo should also alert Danny Sweeney via email ( when their photo is added, and the pass will be issued. Please do not attach the photo to the email. The applicant must add the photo to their Demosphere profile. Click here for upload instructions. 

Because Risk Management and Coach Licenses are managed in two separate databases (we are required to use US Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center), we will be moving away from license levels on State Issued Pass Cards. The State Issued Pass Card is intended to signify an approved background check and serves as that individual’s membership with WYSA. 


  • For Clubs using Demosphere for online registration – team staff/volunteers should register with the Club, be placed on a team, and synced to WYSA; this will trigger an email to that individual that includes the RM application link
  • For non-Demosphere Clubs – Clubs should add team staff/volunteers to the Team Staff Pool; this will trigger an email to that individual that includes the RM application link
  • The only people who should be registering as a volunteer with WYSA directly (through the public link on the WYSA website) are those that are NOT associated with a Club.

Click here for the Volunteer Registration Options Guide. This outlines only the volunteer registration options and can be passed on to Team Staff who need to be added to the system. 

Currently, RM applicants will only receive an RM application link if they do not have an RM status. RM statuses include Approved, Denied, Expired, Emailed, Incomplete, Error, Prepared, Returned, Submitted. (We are evaluating this and the renewal timeline/process with Demosphere.)

Please feel free to contact the State Office with any questions. Thank you for your continued patience during the implementation of the new software and related processes.

Lost Pass Cards ($25)
A replacement pass card is necessary if your pass card is lost prior to its expiration date. Replacement pass cards will not be issued beyond its expiration date; rather, a member in this situation should apply to renew their RM. Replacement pass cards will be issued at a cost of $25. To request a pass card replacement, mail a check payable to WYSA and include "Replacement State Issued Pass Card” as your check memo. A replacement pass card with the same expiration date will be processed and mailed to your home address. Replacement pass card processing will take one week minimum.

attn: Replacement State Issued Pass Card
10427 W Lincoln Avenue Suite 1100
West Allis, WI 53227

If you are unaffiliated with a WYSA member club and need to apply for Risk Management, click here.

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